Complete Renovation Services     

Our Complete Property Renovation and Remodeling Services

are best understood by reviewing the three vital services that we offer.

First: Our House-To-Home Program. This a service designed to assist home owners with the renovation of their personal/private residence. Assuring that their home is efficient comfortable, and equipped for convenience is on the top of the to do list for conscientious home owner. This services is ideal for the individual that has just purchased their first home and desires to turn it into their dream home or for the home owner seeking to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or basement.


Second: Our General Renovation/Remodeling Program. This services is designed for real-estate investors (beginners or experts) that are renovating complete structures, or a adding room, a deck, or maybe a new roof. This service also assist with the remodeling high valued areas in investment properties such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Third: Our Maintenance and Repair Service. This important service consist of the work of maintaining and when necessary repairing/replacing structures and the items in and on your property such as: 

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets Toilets,

Windows and Doors, Door Knobs and Locks,

Handicap Ramps & Railings, Porches, Decks and Railings,

Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures,

Wall Mounts for Flat screens Drywall

 (these items can also be newly installed)

Our EMP Maintenance and Repair Service also provides the following services:

Interior and Exterior Painting,

Pressure washing ,

Hang of Mirrors, Tapestries, and Pictures.

plus Child Proofing Services (for homes, daycare centers, and schools)

and much more

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