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A professional Project Manager can help you locate the best property and than assist you to develop a plan to put your investment property on the market. Making  your vision your reality...
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Our Project Management Service was created and launched with the busy professional and engaged home maker in mind.

A renovation or remodeling project is a short term undertaking to create an environment that will increase productivity and/or provide for greater comfort & convenience. However, the activity of such a project is not part of your day to day operations, nor should it be. 

Busy individuals like you don’t need a complex approach when it comes to managing a project, but you do need and deserve the benefits of a Project Manager (PM). When it comes to renovation projects hiring a PM is the way to go. An experienced PM can properly manage budgets, workers, time cycles and the project site itself to accomplish your desired results. While relieving you of the tasks associated with your project, freeing you to go on with your normal life activities. 

                          The Essential Role and Responsibilities of a Project Manager 


A PM is like a personal assistant. The PM’s role is to control 

day to day activity of your project, and ensure its success. Your 

PM must have knowledge, experience and the skill set needed to 

perform the job affectively and effectively. With 25 plus years of experience and an in-house team of skilled sub-contractors we offer a Project Management Service that delivers excellent results. 

Realistic expectations, The key to success 

Every project begins with an ideal, and usually that ideal includes products, and maybe services that most property owners are not aware of or at best are speculating about. However, once you take the plunge and begin meeting with designers/contractors, you may start to realize the true expense of your project. Don’t be discouraged! The key to overcoming this is found in a relationship 

with a Project Manager. A competent PM will help to develop a realistic budget and to vet all sub-contractors, tread, and product providers (both retail and wholesale). Your PM will Empower you to understand and utilize the


“Project Pyramid”


Once armed with a realistic plan, budget and timeline, you are good to go! 

Remember unrealistic expectations are the cause of un-necessary conflict during a project, so it’s critical for a successful outcome that you hire a Project Manager that is equipped for the task. 

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