The Hand-to-Hand Approach to Donation Collection and Dissemination

The Bethel Ministry & Diocese Inc. 

Our history, reason, and process


"We network continuously to seek out ingenious and or groundbreaking human serving programs that are focused on empowering people directly."


Created in 2013 to address what its founders viewed as a dishonest and opportunistic fundraising/donation system and to offer to donors of a higher integrity an alternative. Bethel's founders structured a collection and dissemination system that is simple by design. Bethel’s founders see and refer to the tradition fundraising/donation system as dishonest and opportunistic because it engages in processes that allow and even encourages the siphoning of percentages of all the donations it collects, under the pretense of executive or operation fees.


Bethel however has created, implemented, and operates according to a system it refers to as the hand-to-hand approach to fundraising/donation collection and dissemination. In its most rudimental definition this approach preforms just as its title suggest. Resources are received from one person or group and given directly to a person or group in need. The role Bethel fulfills is threefold 1. We maintain our 501c3 status, 2. We identify and vet the recipient individuals and or groups, 3. Bethel transfers the donated resources to recipients. These three functions are done free of the traditional fees.

Finding and empowering the causes, that Empower people.

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